Friday, August 19, 2011

Favorite Friday #1

I introduce to you - Favorite Friday! A maybe-weekly (no promises) feature on my blog, where I talk about my favorite books, favorite authors, favorite characters and my favorite anything else book related I can come up with.

I've decided to start off Favorite Friday with my favorite book ever - Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. The word 'favorite' doesn't even begin to cover it, though. I love this book. I even own it in two different languages.

When I started reading it for the very first time, I was confused. Really. Everyone's last name was either Earnshaw or Linton and it was hard to keep track of who's who. But after I finally understood who's Cathy's brother and who's her father, and how to tell apart Ellen's story from the present, it was like this book was written for me. This was probably the first time when I could connect to everything. The story, the characters. But let's save the characters for another Favorite Friday.

What makes me really angry is how Wuthering Heights is now being compared to Twilight just because it's Bella's favorite book. I could rant about this for hours. And now Wuthering Heights is being released with all these 'Twilight inspired' covers, with 'Bella & Edwards favorite book!' all over it. Seriously? I'm going to be honest - it disgusts me. The books couldn't be more different. I don't have anything against Twilight (maybe except for my undying hate for Bella), but come on. Is Wuthering Heights about a girl with no personality obsessing over a sparkling vampire? Don't think so.

But all this stupidity aside, Wuthering Heights is an absolutely amazing book and it's much more than just a love story.

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